Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Polite Request exercises


Choose the most appropriate answer for expressing the idea specified in parentheses.
1.       I speak to Mr. Smith, please? (Formal polite request)
2.       you open the window, please? It's hot in here. (Polite request)
3.       buying two loaves of bread on your way home? (Polite request)
4. Would you mind if I       your dictionary for an hour or so? (Polite request)
5. Would you mind if I       come to your party? (Asking for permission)
6. Mrs. Redding,       lend me two hundred dollars till next week, please? (Polite request)
7. Would you mind       here? I have a headache. (Polite request)
8. Betty,       help me with this grammar exercise, please? (Informal request)
9. Could I use your cell phone, please? – Sorry, you       . (Permission not given)
10. Could I stay here for a while? – Yes, you       . (Permission given)


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